About Us

«Business Support Union.LLC » provides small and medium-sized businesses with legal services and assistance. There are no doubts that process of conducting business in Russia has its own complexity and peculiarity. However if you hand over all legal service and legal assistance issues to professionals, the development of particularly your business could go faster. Our services include:

  • Legal services
  • Representation of the company in the arbitrage in disputes with public authorities
  • Service «Coming Lawyer»
  • Assistance in obtaining state financial backing for the business
  • Representation of the company in antimonopoly service
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses for alcohol, metals, operation of dangerous industrial objects.
  • Certification ofequipment and products
  • Obtaining permit documentation under the Russian engineering supervision (Rostechnadzor)

Extended services for your business:

  • Property, risk and liability insurance for legal entities
  • Professional documents translation (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German)